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The Switch Glass can be used:

 •In film: exploiting their the extreme ductility and flexibility

•Posted in a sandwich of transparent plates (glass, plexiglass polycarbonate etc.)

•Laminated between two glass panels.

The Switch Glass in the architectural designs can be used to divide contiguous spaces and giving the possibility to avoid or allow vision by means of a simple command of a switch.



Switch Glass                   


A revolutionary system of the electro-controlled film technology, capable of changing its status: from a white opaque visual barrier to a condition of transparency using the electric impulse transmitted to the film.


•When the film is not powered it has a "White Opaque" effect.

•When the film is powered it gets the "transparency".

•The change of its status occurs in few milliseconds. It is possible to adjust the transparency using a dimmer to the voltage supply.

•The switch glass film can be manufactured in custom sizes up to a maximum format of 140 cm x 300cm and ON REQUEST UP TO cm.140 x cm. 700