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Elshine S.r.l.

Elshine S.R.L. is operative in the field of lighting technology since 1998.

As a result of continuous research in the area, we developed a highly innovative product: an electro-luminous film, less than 1mm thick, flexible, applicable on any kind of surface,
able to substitute the traditional systems of lighting, offering new and alternative solutions, otherwise impossible to reach with the existing types of equipment.
The productive range of Elshine, apart from the new proposals related to lighting technology material, also includes products for industrial use such as: membrane switches and touch screens.
Elshine S.R.L. can satisfy a wide range of needs for those who look for special solutions, reliability and efficiency. The installations made in various sectors of the market such as Stage-design, Furnishings, Design, Lighting Technology for Museums, Advertising, Automobiles, Railway, Clothing Industry, Safety Signaling testify the potentiality of our products. Our company’s start-up phase can be considered positively concluded with an acquired portfolio of clients and with manifold references.

Elshine now represents a new productive reality in the lighting technology sector ready to satisfy a wide range of markets.