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Magic Tape

 Data Sheet
All the products customized on the basis of graphics or geometries created by the customer are called Magic Tape.

Magic Tape can be produced in modules having max sizes cm.55 x cm.140 .

Bigger sizes can be achieved joining and laminating together two or more modules  .

It is possible to have Company name or Logo made of our lighting films in many sizes or colors.

It is also possible to add animations with a wide range of channels.

Magic Tape, as well as Lighting Stripe, is an extremely thin, versatile and flexible film emitting light. Such light is more homogeneous than any light source ever seen.

It is the perfect alternative to led, neon or other strip-lighting solutions.

Lighting Stripes & Magic Tape are produced in five standard colors and, virtually, an unlimited range of colors is available using a  colored overlay filter.

Add our Magic Tapes or Lighting Stripes to stages and stairs, buildings and bars: a continuous uniform light source with great flexibility and durability, that allows you to light up areas which you couldn’t even imagine before!

Vinyl graphics, transparencies, masks or any other overlay can be also applied.

A fantastic opportunity to light nearly any surface, contour or object. Lighting Stripes & Magic Tapes emit  a continuous 180-degree light with high  brightness useful to be seen from long distance at night.

Elshine, in relation to each project, advises the Customer on the best way to drive its Magic Tape and Lighting Stripes products in order to achieve the maximum efficiency and minimize stress on the lamp, which may cause damage and deterioration of lamp performance.

Lighting Stripes & Magic Tape are completely dimmable for great lighting effects, as well as very appealing backlit displays.

Flexible and light, our products can be used for any application.

Lighting Stripes are produced in standard lengths of 5m (upon request rolls up to 25m or 50m) which can easily be joined together to create any desired length, or it can simply be cut to a shorter length.

Sections of Lighting Stripes, even of various colours, can be joined together and lighted as a single strip or each section can be driven independently, permitting different lighting and sequencing effects.

Lighting Stripes and Magic Tape are driven by an AC INVERTER.

The INVERTER required to drive our products depends on the total surface of the lamp to be lighted.

High surfaces can be lit, but the limit is set by the size of the drivers available. Our biggest driver can light up to 9 square meters, that means 900 meters (around 3.000 feet) of one cm wide stripe. Elshine can provide the electronics and advices on how to drive Lighting Stripes and Magic Tapes, especially for matching correctly each lamp with the right INVERTER to achieve maximum performance and product lifetime.