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Thanks to their adaptability, our products (can be used in various sectors: from advertising to stage-design, from internal lighting to interior design objects creation, from safety signalling to gadgets creation.

   The maximum dimensions of Magic Tape sheets are 140 x 40cm. Bigger sizes can be reached joining two or more sheets together supplied by a single driver able to support sequential animations in a system similar to the videowall. 2D animations can be realized and, using a lenticular system of backlighting, also 3D animations can be reached.

 Lighting Stripes does not have dimensional limits as far as the length of the material is concerned. The width varies from a minimum of 0,5cm to a maximum of 50cm. The Lighting Stripes are produced in rolls of 5m (upon request up to 25 or 50 metres). Reels of higher lengths can be also manufactured. 

 Forniture Design
In modern internals planning and for refined design Magic Tape (luminous panel) and Lighting Stripes (luminous strip) represent an astonishing innovation.

Stage Design
Elshine S.R.L. luminous products (luminous panels and strips), due to their peculiar technical characteristics (low voltage and adaptability), have been really successful in the fields of stage-design for the theatre or television and in the setting-up of stands for fairs.

Productions for the Operà in Paris (1999), Chatelet theatre in Paris (2000), the Scala of Milan, The Piccolo Teatro in Milano , the Metropolitan Theatre of New York , TV shows Carramba che Sorpresa (Rai 1, 1998), Navigator (Rai 2, 1999), Scommettiamo Che (Rai 1 2000 ), Buona Domenica (Canale 5, 2003), Geo & Geo (Rai 3, 2003), and the more recent La Prova del cuoco, Il Grande Fratello 6 (Canale 5, 2005), Il Senso della vita (2005), Il Treno dei Desideri (2005), San Remo 2006, testify the favourable place obtained in the market over the past years, the progressive diffusion of Elshine products and their development thanks to continuous research in the field.

Variability of models, lightness, flexibility, the possibility to be adhesive on crystals or walls, personalised animations and easy superimposition of digital printings result in advertising being one of the most successful sectors of Magic Tape.

Logos, photographs and images can easily be reproduced and backlighted, also in sequence, creating graphic animation effects. Elshine S.R.L. provides mono or multi-channel inverters to guarantee the possibility to choose among the available models the most suitable driver for every creative need.

Our products are widely used in museums to achieve Lighting Displays that gently backlight images and information of the works exposed on digital printings. They are also used for internal direction signalling system. Besides, we often receive requests from Artists and Designers who realise works of art using our materials.

 Clothing Industry
The fact that Magic Tape is as thin as a piece of paper, stimulates those creators in search of new means of production for clothing and gadgets. Piloted by small portable drivers (power supplied by AAA or button batteries) and applicable on gadgets and clothing accessories...

Elshine S.R.L. also developed pocket inverters (power supplied by AAA batteries) invisible and therefore transportable in pockets or bags.

Piloted by small portable drivers (power supplied by AAA or button batteries) Magic tape is also applicable on clothing items especially manufactured for workers who must work in full-safety conditions. Its application reinforces the visibility of regular reflectors, also thanks to the flashing pattern which may be obtained.

For safety-signalling, either en route or in condense panels Magic Tape constitutes a tool of reduced volume and minimal consumes which is useful to highlight dynamically with distinctive bright lights escape-hatches, planimetry or other information required by the norms in force.

Car constructors are in continuous search of BACKLIGHTING solutions to simplify the realization of more and more complex signalling systems and to resolve the relevant problems of production and installation. The incredibly thin Magic Tape system replaces a complex lighting system with all its cables; it can light up various signalling areas of a display (such as a dashboard) and offers a simple connection to the control hardware via a very FLAT CABLE as thin as the Magic Tape Lamp (0,5 >0,8mm).

 Backing lighting
The electronic instruments market is always more interested in backlighting systems as an alternative to the traditional Led. Our products can be used for the display of LCD, Membrane Switches or surfaces of command or measure zones. In fact our luminescent films give an homogeneous backlighting, have reduced consuming and are resistant to vibrations or crashes, all this characteristics represent considerable advantages.

Besides, consuming 1/10 of the led, the problem of increasing service life for battery equipment (such as mobile phones) is now solved.

2D animations can be realized and also 3D images can be reached through a lenticular system of backlighting.