LED LineBright & Rgb
Power Led Stripes for Reflected Light Backlight and RGB effects

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Product Description
Led LineBright is the range of LED products aimed at satisfying the most unusual solutions for the composite lighting world and for the lighting design.
Over the years Elshine has developed the skills and experience necessary to produce Static or Dynamic Led Systems, following the Customer’s project from the realization of printed circuits to the finished product. We combine LED systems with the most efficient solutions for dissipation, lighting accessories, power supply and controllers able to maximize lighting performance.
In addition to customization, we also offer a range of standard products that meet the multiple needs of the market.
• High power LED strip in various white color temperatures
• Rgb or Rgbw high power LED strip
• Fled and Rigid VideoLED Strip with Video Controller and Software for Video Mapping
• LED profiles
• Almentators with various IP protections and interfaceable with Dali protocols
• Controllers that can be interfaced with the Architectural and Performing Domotic world with Dali, Dmx, 0_10, P.O protocols, RF Touch Remotes

BackLighting , Lighting Effects , SPA, Architectural interiors,Design,Advertising,ShowBIZ, Nautical

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