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Product Description
Switch Glass
Electropiloted Liquid Crystal Film
The Switch Glass film is a revolutionary system in the electropilotated film technology, it is able to change its state: from a visual barrier of opal white to a condition of transparency through the electrical impulse transmitted to the film.
The Switch Glass is composed of two outer layers of polyester (coated with a transparent conductive layer on the inner surface) between which there is a layer of liquid crystals.
• When the film is not fed the crystals are not aligned, there is an “Opal White” effect
• When the film is fed, the crystals align and “Transparency” is obtained.
The change of state takes place within a few milliseconds.
It is possible to adjust the greater or lesser transparency by dimming the supply voltage.
The Switch Glass film can be produced in a standardized Custom size up to a maximum size of cm.180 x cm. 300 and on request up to a maximum size of 180 cm x 700 cm.
The film, if it does not have to be layered in glass but adhesiveised directly on glass or plastic supports, can be supplied laminated with adhesive and scratch-proof protection.
In this case, the adhesive Switch Glass will have maximum dimensions in width of 150 cm.
The Switch Glass can be used:
• In film exploiting its extreme flexibility.
• Inserted in a sandwich of transparent sheets (glass, polycarbonate plexiglass, etc.).
• Layered between two sheets of glass.
• In film provided with adhesive useful to be glued to glass or other supports.
Switch Glass in the most futuristic designs finds application by dividing the environments and giving the possibility to prevent or allow the vision between adjacent spaces to the simple command of a switch.
It is also of great effect if used as a screen on which to project back images that can dissolve as the film is dimmed, gradually reaching the state of full transparency with effects similar to holographic ones.

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