Backlight and RGB effects in a few millimeters

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Product Description
MetacriLED are ultra-thin LED light panels that emit uniform light throughout their surface.
The maximum size that can be produced for a single panel is 3 x 1 m., But more than one can be put together like a real backlight system with no thickness or a uniform direct light coating of walls or surfaces in which it is not possible to break or use spaces necessary for the bulky traditional lighting systems.
It is possible to create panels of different sizes with the same light intensity and to obtain a uniformity effect on a very wide surface.
The life of the product exceeds 100,000 hours and the power supply is in low voltage (24VDC).
The light emission can be White in the various color temperatures or RGB with the possibility to change the color of the light in the totality of the trichromes simply by operating a remote control.
The Metacriled are dimmable and can be controlled by Controllers with Remote Control, connected to Domotic systems with Dali or Dmx signal or Push Botton P.O. or 0_10.

BackLighting , Lighting Effects , SPA, Architectural interiors,Design,Advertising, Nautical

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