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Product Description
Magic Tape
we mean the range of production of electropiloted light films made Custom according to graphics or geometries defined by the customer. The format of a sheet is of max. 100 x 200 cm. It is also possible to laminate several sheets in a single support so as to obtain larger dimensions.
Magic Tape films can be produced in modules up to 100x200cm in size.
Larger sizes can be made by laminating multiple modules together
The Magic Tape sheets, as well as the Ligthting Stripe strips, are electropilotated films that emit light when powered by alternating current (standard power 110V – 400 Hz).
The light emission is given by the alternating current electrostimulation of micro encapsulated phosphors placed inside two layers of conductive material, all laminated with flexible polyester.
The phosphors, excited by the high frequency of feeding, emit photons perceived by the human eye as light emissions.
Thus a homogeneous light is obtained along the entire surface of the film, regardless of its size.
The Lighting Stripe strips and Magic Tape films are extremely thin (from 0.2 to 0.5 mm), flexible and versatile, very light and self-adhesive if necessary, so that they can be successfully applied to curved surfaces.
Magic tape films emit a continuous 180 ° light that makes them visible at night from great distances and are made in five standard colors (Warm White, Cool White, Blue, Green, Blue-Green).
Various colors can be obtained by superimposing on the lamp a color filter or a digital printing and laminating, overlapping or gluing on them transparencies, masks or any other overlay printing.
We produce films for various types of use: from LCD displays to films with luminous surfaces that have various geometric shapes with mono or multi-channel ignitions and animations.
It can be punched in non-active areas if there is a need for areas useful for grafts or various housings in the display.
Our lighting solutions are widely applied to television and theater sets, interior design, design, safety signals, as a sign in cinemas, in buildings, in advertising, in the furnishing of night clubs, shopping centers and restaurants.
Magic Tape finds application in an innovative way replacing the traditional rigid lighting systems with absolute advantages for the immediate application, the reduction of problems due to breakages and the simplicity of installation.
They represent a valid alternative to the usual back lighting that, unlike the Magic Tape, requires structurally bulky and heavy containers, not always adaptable to all design applications.
On the contrary, Magic Tape is adhesivized to any surface, even curved.
Our products, unlike traditional incandescent systems, are not afraid of sudden breakages or shocks caused by shocks or vibrations.
The use of Magic Tape gives the opportunity to make any surface bright by enriching it with unique lighting effects and giving the user the autonomy of installation without necessarily having to resort to the assistance of specialized companies.
The Magic Tape films are dimmable in order to achieve fascinating visual effects and eye-catching display backlighting. They are controlled by AC inverters chosen based on the total area to be illuminated.
Currently, the most powerful inverter lights up to 10 square meters. Flexible and light, our products can be used for any application.
Standard colors:
Warm White, Cool White, Blue, Green and Blue-Green.
To obtain other colors it is necessary to apply a color filter or a digital print to the lamp.
It is also possible to laminate, overlap or glaze on them transparencies, masks or any other overlay photo printing.
Tech Data

Magic Tape
Architectural interiors , Advertising, ShowBiz , Design , Nautical , Events

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