Backlight and effects with Termotese films

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Product Decription

TensoLED is a heat sensitive membrane made of a shape memory polymer.
TensoLED is able to replenish traditional false ceiling systems covering large surfaces and through its translucent transparency it is able to spread LED sources in an optimal and uniform way with the need for interspaces of a few centimeters.
Through the use of “translucent” finishes capable of diffusing 70% of the lighting produced by a light source it is possible to obtain unrivaled backlit surfaces. The most widespread use is currently in shops, offices, medical offices and not least in the naval sector thanks to the qualities of lightness and elasticity of the product.
Using the dimmerable system of lights that gradually reduces or increases the brightness, it is possible to obtain more or less intense shades of white while the RGB system, based on the alternation of the three primary colors and their mixing produced by an electronic control unit, produces effects of color change directly on the backlit cloth. This solution is excellent for projection and rear projection of images and movies.
The assembly system is very simple and includes a perimeter profile and a sheet held in tension on the profile by means of a semi-rigid harpoon welded on the sheet itself.
TensoLED, are produced with a reduction of 7% compared to the size of the environment, and heated through a generator of hot air that allows the expansion of the cloth up to reach the perimeter anchorage system (profile).
Once the room is brought back to temperature, the cloth tries to return to its original position but remains locked in the hooking system. This system allows the fabric to be disassembled and reassembled for an infinite number of times without altering the properties of the ceiling.
TensoLED can cover any shape and size (you can also create complex shapes such as vaults and domes), can cover 50 square meters without vertical suspension and without undergoing depressions due to its weight and, inside, it is possible to incorporate any suspension or interlocking element , like spotlights or nozzles.
TensoLED can be printed, painted, backlit, lacquered, metallised, satin, translucent, microperforated, mirror. It can become exactly everything you want. It is also waterproof, washable, vapor permeable and its material – absolutely hygienic and non-toxic – is maintenance-free and has all the required certificates relating to the reaction to fire.
A wonderful personalization can also be revealed through the thesis ceilings in 3D that allow you to create amazing three-dimensional shapes. Your every idea is achievable.
TensoLED can be printed with special acrylic-based inks and paints, silk-screened and hand-painted to obtain particular scenographic effects. The printing techniques are mainly indicated in the typology of backlit sheets that, thanks to the particularity of spreading the light evenly, create games of color, shadows, very special nuances. The composition of the sheets consisting of an agglomeration of highly impermeable PVC molecules, allows the application on the sheet itself of any type of printing compound more or less fluid. Because of its remarkable flexibility and versatility, the cloth perfectly rests on the rigid supports necessary to keep it under tension during printing.

The mirrored TensoLEDs are tailor-made and are installed on self-supporting frames already ready for use (with a maximum size of 12 meters X 2 meters).
The surface of mirrored ceilings is comparable to that of the pure mirror, without image distortions. The frames are very light and totally safe.
It is a solution with a fascinating visual impact that is also ideal for increasing the perceived dimensions of an environment.


BackLighting , Lighting Effects , SPA, Architectural interiors

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