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Product Description

LuXciting: Electropilotated Light Crystals
In recent years we hear more and more often talk about the crisis of Made in Italy. All experts indicate research and innovation as a magic potion to counteract the new unstoppable competition.

Traditionally the terms “research and innovation” in the field of design or technology are not spontaneously associated with Rome and its territory, and it is precisely for this reason that the ELSHINE company is a pleasant surprise, which leads to reconsidering the reality of the industries that they operate around the capital, enhancing imagination and creative risk, historical and winning reasons for Italian design.

Born and developed originally for the production of electro-piloted light films, ELSHINE provides its technological experience in the field of electropiloted films, on which it has worked for years, and relies on the collaboration of a design manager, Ely Rozenberg, who intuits new uses for this form of lighting in original symbiosis with glass, where this ancient material is imbued with light, following the patterns of the authors’ imagination. The light source lends itself to decorative variations that, like the textile collections, can be renewed every season.
On the occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair 2007, ELSHINE presented the first developments of application research on laminated glass with electro-piloted light film, in the field of furniture and lighting design. It is thus revealed to the attention of the public and the press with a collection of furniture and lamps made with innovative technology, unique in its kind, which allows lighting effects never applied to the furniture industry.

The latest developments in this constant research give life to the new production, the “LUXCITING” collection, curated by the designer ELY ROZENBERG, presented in Frankfurt at the Ambient Design 2009 fair, which represents an innovative challenge in the Italian design scene.

A collection of pieces, lamps and furnishing accessories, which is offered to the public with a magical setting, where the luminous decoration is inserted in an absolutely unique way to a series of glass furniture, characterized by a design philosophy where style and technology they come together in a delicate, invisible way, creating cinematic effects that capture even the most distracted gaze.

It is a series of luminous furniture and ambient lamps with glass surfaces that literally change daylight or nightlight when they light up with geometric, natural, fairytale patterns that seem like light embroideries.
The technology used makes it possible to modulate the electro-piloted surface, so it is no longer a matter of flat screens on which masks that create patterns are applied, but rather light printed in the glass material.

“LUXCITING” is only the beginning of a new way of conceiving glass and light, the potential applications are endless.
Moving from furnishing to contemporary urban planning it is not difficult to imagine not only your home or office but the whole city as a new scenario of glass skyscrapers embroidered with light, with patterns that can be drawn and replaced as you please.

Subsequently to the two collections of furnishing accessories Collection LuXciting Milan ( Euroluce ) and Frankfurt (Ambient Design) Elshine has chosen to focus LuXciting’s production as a subcontractor proposing itself to the Design and Furnishing industry as a partner in able to produce Custom on the customer’s project, thus providing a highly innovative material able to give an undisputed added value to the products that adopt this solution.

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